08 July 2019

How to Light a Home Office

Sure, the desk and chair set-up in your office is important. But you have to take care of your eyes, too. Office lighting can have a major impact–good or bad–on your health.

20 may 2019

How to Choose Track Lighting

Track lighting systems are versatile lighting solutions that can be used to power spotlights, floodlights, pendant lights or any other fixtures with the proper adapter and voltage. Characterized by their concealed conductors, the tracks are used on ceilings and walls in settings that demand performance and adjustability.

15 april 2019

Copper Pendant Light

It’s no secret that copper accents enhance interiors with a metallic luster that look stunning against both light and dark color schemes. Copper pendant lights are a fantastic way of bringing copper tones into an interior, combining the warm tones of the metallic gleam with soft lighting for double the effect.

05 march 2019

How to Choose the Right Lighting for Your Home

Choosing the right lighting for the different rooms in your home can be complicated. There’re bright lights, and dim lights, and hanging lights, and wall lights, and chandelier lights, and LED lights; there are so many lights! And if you’ve been to a store that carries lights, you’ll understand precisely what we mean.

12 february 2019

Outdoor lighting

Exterior lighting is used for safety, security, and decoration. Lighting outdoor spaces can also make them usable for relaxation, recreation, and work at night. Light objects and the landscape to provide an attractive outdoor view from inside the home at night. Light pathways to prevent accidents.


How to Light a Home Office

How to Choose Track Lighting

Copper Pendant Light