Company of Arte Lamp
Light is the source of life,
inspiration and comfort
We develop and create unique lumps, so that every person could to illuminate your space, fill it with personality and elegant style.
The history

Artelamp lighting company was founded in 2001, the Office of the company is situated in Italy, in Fanzolo County Vedelago. The main direction of the company is manufacture and distribution of interior lighting products.

Products Artelamp represented in more than 20 countries around the world and every year the geography of the presence of the brand has been expanding. A network of distributors and dealers located in the Eastern, Western and southern Europe, Turkey and Russia.

In 2009 was built and started operation of new logistics center in Fanzolo is a large distribution center, where dealers around the world.

The product portfolio of the company every year is filled with lamps new styles and trends, considering the development of advanced technologies.

Intensively developing direction of technical lighting - development of new models, improved production technologies, improving the technical characteristics of the lamps.

Decorative lighting presents a variety of styles such as popular and timeless Classic, affordable and exquisite Loft, a popular and original Modern, trendy and futuristic Hi-tech

Using in the production of energy-saving technologies in lighting, has developed and released a series of led decorative lamps. Fundamental Artelamp considers the development of new directions, research in the field of light and design finds. In addition, the company cooperates with renowned designers and technical Institute in Venice.

catalogue arte lamp / 2024
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technical catalogue arte lamp / 2024
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City catalogue arte lamp / 2024
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office italia

VIA Riccardo Zandonai, 6/4, cap 30174 Venezia (VE), Italia

Phone: +39 324 044-0897


Factory address

110, 1/F, Park Fook industrial building, 615-617, Tai Nan West street, Guzhen, China.

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